You will get lots of impressions for a long time!

We traveled in Argentina in December 2015 with my spouse. The whole trip was arranged together with PAM Travel.

At first we were met by a bright and European-style elegant Buenos-Aires, where we spent a very intensive day together with our guide Ekaterina, and also went to the best tango-show of the city. Highly recommended!

After noisy streets of the capital we came to the green cozy Mendoza: private wine tastings with sommelier in vineyards, talking about wine, beautiful landscapes, bright sun and a trip to the Andes foothill, from where we saw the covered with snow peak of the highest mountain in Latin America – Aconcagua.

After saying a good-bye to Mendoza we went to the End of the World – Ushuaia. After the hot sun of Buenos-Aires and Mendoza we came to the cool south, penguins and fascinating harsh landscapes of the Beagle Channel.

The last point of our tour was El Calafate. Thanks to PAM Travel, not only we went to a Gourmet-tour around Argentino lake admiring the beauty of the glaciers, but also participated in the trekking on Perito Moreno gracier. Unbelievable place! One can look for hours at the peaks of the glacier-the-giant, listen to the noise of chipping ice, watch it falling into the milk-blue water of the lake, walk along terraces opening more and more new views and admiring the beauty of the natural miracle of the world.


The trip was very intensive and very varied!

Argentina is a wonderful country and if you have a chance to visit it, you should definitely do it!


You will get lots of impressions for a long time!


Viktors Travnikovs, Latvia


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