Buenos Aires like any other capital city in the world is a city with many faces and rich with culture and history. If you have traveled thousands of kilometres to get here and you feel having an unforgettable authentic and exclusive experience you have come to the right place. Our team at PAM Travel is constantly searching new possibilities for our customers. Not only do we live and work in the Argentine capital, we are always researching, meeting many people, visiting new places, and taking an interest in original sights and activities to ensure your have an unique experience in Argentina and special memories from your trip!



We know from experience what it means to travel, and how much time you need to invest in preparing your itinerary to include the most interesting places and sightseeing opportunities in each region. But you can save time! We live in Argentina and know the country very well and can advise what to do and what to avoid doing. We can recommend where best places to stay and advise you where you can save money. We know the best restaurants, finest wines, most comfortable hotels, most beautiful landscapes, where to go for great adventures and what are the must see sites in Argentina.

Even if you are an independent traveller and have already planned your route, we would like to propose to you a WELCOME PACKAGE:

  • We will meet you in one of traditional cafes of Buenos Aires (chosen by you or by us)
  • We will get you a SIM card with an Argentinian phone number and internet connectivity.
  • We will answer within 2 hours all your questions about the country: Where we should start a city tour? How to plan your itinerary so you won’t miss anything? Where to go to eat the best steaks; and where to go to drink the best coffee in Buenos Aires? Where to go to safely change money? Where to go out in the evening? What are the best bars and nightclubs to visit?
  • We will give you tips about Buenos Aires lifestyle and inform you about the lifestyle, habits and tastes of Argentines so their will be no unexpected surprises during your trip! We will fill you in with the history and culture of the country, advice about safety and how to behave.
  • We will disclose to you “secret” places that other tourists do not know about. Advise how to plan your logistics and where to buy interesting souvenirs.

Tell you many other things you might be interested in, before you start your journey!



Would you like to take a glass of good wine and learn everything about Argentina from a pleasant companion in a cosy sitting-room? You are welcome to an authentic house, where traditional Argentinian starters? and Malbec in a glass, answers to your questions about travelling in Argentina are already waiting for you. You will also hear stories about life in Argentina, Argentinians, their habits, travelling around the world and many other topics! We are ready to share with you our experience and our impressions, and you will have a good time and get an idea of what real Argentina is.

Duration – 2 hours. For 2 or more people.



Argentinians cannot live? survive? without their mate. Mate is not just a drink, it is a tradition, time spent with friends, it is a whole culture. It is common to drink mate in the morning instead of coffee, then during the whole morning before lunch, and the absolutely sacred for Argentinians is merienda. Or an afternoon luncheon, if we try to translate it. At around 6pm it’s common for Argentines to get together in cafes or at home or in the office and drink mate (Argentine tea) with a snack medialunas (half-moon croissants) or empanadas (traditional pasties). We will invite you to enjoy an authentic Argentine experience and try a traditional ‘merienda’!

You will:

  • Make and cook your own Argentine empanadas
  • Learn to correctly choose, brew and drink mate
  • Find out about Argentine customs, habits and lifestyle
  •  And have a fun time!

Duration — 2 hours. For 2 or more people.



Buenos Aires is famous for the tango. The dance became the national one a long ago and attracts professionals and amateurs and also tango lovers from all over the world. Where else should you learn how to dance tango if not here? We invite you to a private class with your personal instructor. In a cozy atmosphere you will not only learn about the history of tango in Argentina but also learn the basics of the dance, feel the atmosphere, and have a wonderful time!

Duration of the master class is 2 hours. Location: Palermo. For 2 or more people.



Argentina is famous around the world for its wines: bright Malbec from Mendoza, aromatic Torrontes from Salta, fine Chardonnay from Patagonia. You feel like tasting them all! But how do you do it if it’s not possible to visit the north and south of the country? How to choose wine? What is a barrique? What is the difference between one bottles of Malbec and another? Answers to these and many other questions you will find at a wine tasting organized by PAM Travel in an old house in Palermo.

You will:

  • Become familiar with three different types of wine from three regions of Argentina
  • Learn about wine-making in Argentina
  • Try a traditional Argentine starter ‘picadа’
  • Ask anything you would like to know about Argentina and your trip
  • Have a possibility to buy and take wine away with you

Duration — 2 hours. For 2 or more people.



Did you know that Buenos Aires is called the city of "Good Airs" ? Fill the sails with wind and spend the day on the waters of the Rio de la Plata relaxing away from the hussle and bussle of the big city. You will have a special day of a yachts! Even if you have never sailed before you have never sailed before, an experienced instructor will help you how to sail a yacht in wind, work with the keel, and if you get tired you can just enjoy the landscape and the fresh air.

Private yacht and instructor. Duration: 4 hours.



Argentines care a lot about their customs and habits, and one of their most common traditions is to get together with their families and friends for an ‘asado’ (traditional Argentine barbecue)! Meat is grilled on a fire in a traditional way, and besides, it ‘s an important part of Argentine culture passed down from one generation to another. It is not so easy to become a good ‘asador’. Family and friends gather on a terrace or in the garden of a house or apartment block. Everybody brings something – a bottle of wine a salad or a dessert;. And stands around the fire enjoying a glass of wine, good conversation and some lunch or dinner. The team of PAM Travel offers you a unique opportunity to share this wonderful tradition and to be the guest in a traditional Argentine house in Palermo, and try Argentine wine and learn how to cook real ‘asado’. If you are interested, our ‘asador’ may give you a master class in cooking meat on the ‘parrilla’. And we will tell you many interesting things about Argentina and it Is people, travelling, exploring interesting places and whatever else you would like to hear about.

Discover the real side of Argentina!

For 4 persons or more



Maria Bailak is not only a well-known Argentine artist, she is also practices yoga and meditation and organizes classes in public speaking She is also an experienced traveler, a good psychologist and a very clever, open and positive person, possessing unbelievable energy she shares with everybody who is near her. We invite you to enjoy a very unique and authentic experience: an art therapy class with Maria Bailak.

Duration of class :2 hours. You can get an introduction about meditation techniques and tune in to positive energy. Supported by Maria and with a brush in your hand, you will answer to many of your internal questions, concentrate on your thoughts and dreams becoming reality. You will enjoy 2 hours of relaxation, self-development and positive energy!

Options: group or private class.



Buenos Aires is the real city that never asleeps and is famous for its nightlife - its restaurants, bars and pubs offering visitors a wide range of places to go out whatever your age and budget. Chic cocktail bars, beautiful people and no shortage of nightspots. If you only have a couple of days in Buenos Aires, don’t miss the chance to experience a night out in Palermo .We’ll take you to the trendiest and best bars with a welcome drink on us! 

You will visit three different venues that will give you a good taste of the Buenos Aires nightlife. PAM Travel does not do ‘regular’ bars, - all the places have been especially chosen to include the most up-to date and coolest places. Should you want to repeat the experience the next day, we’ll take you to more bars and nightspots. We will walk or take a taxi, and experience what it’s like to live like a ‘porteño – taking you to interesting places, enjoying drinks and hanging out with the locals! After your program is over, if you choose to continue on your own, it’s up to you! 


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