Tsekich Elena

I've been to many countries, seen a lot of places. But it was mostly about enjoying beaches in 5-stars hotels or shopping or business travel or skiing or traveling across Europe. Not exciting anymore.

Argentina trip was exciting:)
New experience. Seeing breath-taking nature views; traveling across the country; hiking and tracking; meeting different people; mingling and trying to absorb a culture. Argentina has so many facets and so many different angles; it just reloads your mind completely.

I was lucky to have a very good travel agency (PAM travel) to organize a trip. I didn't have to worry about anything: I just outlined what I wanted in advance (getting maximum experience from my booked vocation time in Argentina without being involved in preparation ) and boom: I had packed agenda and the most exciting vocations in my past 10 years:).
All smooth, no breakdowns that spoil your opinion of the trip.

It totally reloaded my mind. And I liked it so much that I am doing in again very soon (there are still some places of Argentina that I haven't visited)... and of course, with the same travel agency.


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